Please read from the heart of our Pastor.

Pray, Fast, Vote.

My prayer is that you are off to a great start this week.  I am writing this morning because tomorrow is a monumental day for our nation in which the nation will go to the polls and vote for the people who will represent us and make the laws we have to abide by as citizens for the next 2 years in the House of Representatives and 6 years in the Senate.  In TN we will also be voting for Governor, state representatives, senators and constitutional amendments.

The electing of our representatives and senators in my mind is even more important that the presidential election because the house and senate have the power to make laws on both the federal and state levels so with that in mind I want to encourage you to join with me and spend some time doing three things at some point between today and tomorrow.  

1. Pray that God will help the American people and the citizens of our state to use great discernment and wisdom in voting for people who will uphold a standard of righteousness.

2.  Consider fasting a meal or perhaps more to show God that you're serious about what's at stake during these elections.  Fasting from food is a way in which we express our desperation for God to move in a situation.

3.  GO VOTE and vote your faith.  Vote for people who have views most closely aligned with God's word.  Vote Pro-Life, Pro-God, Pro-Freedom.  And make your voice known by voting.  It is pointless to complain or be concerned about the direction our nation is headed in and then not vote.  So get out there and vote.
I will stop short of advising who to vote for but I can tell you that I can now never vote for any person running on the democratic ticket because the democratic party has unequivocably endorsed the pro abortion position and many of them even up to the point of birth.  According to God's Word no Christian should ever even consider linking themselves to those who murder by allowing the shedding of innocent blood.  The democrat party is also adopting at a very rapid pace socialist, communist and marxist views which are all antichrist governmental systems that suppress freedom of worship and especially Christian worship.  For these reasons I cannot even consider voting democrat until the party platform itself drastically  changes.  And before you think, "Well he's just a Republican". I want you to know that I am not.  I have voted for Democrats before in the distant past, Republicans and Independents.  But the Democratic party has gone totally off the rails of morality in the last 15-20 years or so and I can no longer in good conscience before God align with them in any way.

I am including a great link for you to look at here:

I encourage you to visit this web-site where you can go to the voter hub, enter your address and pull up the candidates and amendments that will be on your ballot if you've not already voted.  You can research their position on key issues like abortion, crime and economy then create a sample ballot so there is no confusion when you go to vote.  I just did mine this morning and I'm ready to go vote tomorrow.

I'm praying that we will vote and elect representatives that revere the Lord in their governing so that America can again be the most morally pure and righteous nation of peace on earth having a culture in which God is honored and our children and grandchildren can be easily introduced to and have a relationship with Him.

So let's Pray, Fast and Vote then believe God for divine intervention.

Pastor Jake