Devotion and Fasting Encouragement

Good morning,
My prayer for you this morning was that God would give you a week of divine strength, peace, courage and revelation as you earnestly seek Him through prayer, meditation in His word and fasting.
This morning in my devotion I read Psalm 15:1-2 : Lord, who may reside in Your tent?  Who may settle on Your holy hill?  One who walks with integrity, practices righteousness, And speaks truth in his heart. After I read this passage I prayed and asked God to help me live this scripture.  May we all ask God to help us settle on His Holy hill everyday and be people of integrity, people who practice righteous living, and people who value God's truth above all else.  Today we begin our next few days of fasting and I wanted to share with you in writing what I will be doing this week since several of you asked me to send it to you.  I thought I would just send it to everyone:
· Tuesday - Fruits and veggies (smoothies, salads no meat all meals)
· Wednesday - Fast all day until prayer (no food) a light dinner after prayer .
· Thursday - Fast Breakfast (fast coffee or any other energy type drink) and lunch.
· Friday Fast Breakfast and lunch.
· (No social media beginning on Tuesday for the rest of week, no news, etc.)
Remember that fasting without worship, prayer and contemplation on God and what He desires to speak to you is pointless.  We fast as part of drawing near to God.  So make a real effort to draw near to God this week as you fast and I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow evening at church for our night of worship and prayer.
All for Jesus,
P. Jake